The Truth About ‘Trading Game’: The Facts Behind the Trading Game’s Claims of Super-Intelligent Machines

A trading game is a game that uses computers to trade a lot of stuff.It’s not something that we’d want to put our brains to work, so how do you create a game where you can have your brain do everything for you, no matter what the rules are?That’s where the technology comes in.The truth […] →Read more

Trades Journal’s CEO apologizes for tweet linking to bitcoin CEO Steve Lai is apologizing for a tweet that linked to a cryptocurrency trading journal on Tuesday.In the tweet, Lai quoted a section of the trading journal’s white paper about bitcoin and the futures market, but did not link to the article.The tweet, which Lai did not immediately respond to, drew widespread condemnation from […] →Read more

When You’re Buying Paint to Paint, You’ll Be Rich for Life

It’s not exactly a new idea to trade in paint for other things.A new way of making money could be a lucrative one.And the way it’s being used to do so is in an increasingly crowded market.In the last year, the average price of a gallon of paint rose nearly 40% on average to $1,056 […] →Read more

How to use Sierra Trading in iOS 7

Sierra Trading, a trading app for iOS, will get iOS 7 in the fall, but it’s not just any old iOS 7 update that will bring new features.Sierra Trading will receive new features that are designed to speed up the market, and will enable you to trade more efficiently.The first thing you’ll notice when you […] →Read more

India to add 20 more digital currency trading cards in future

India will soon be adding 20 more trading cards to its digital currency platform and adding the ability to sell cryptocurrency and altcoins on the platform.A digital currency exchange will be available on the platforms, which will be the first to launch the platform, according to an official statement from the Reserve Bank of India […] →Read more

How to protect yourself against a grizzly bear in Montana

By Chris BrownBy Chris BrownThe bear is still a bear, but not as a dangerous one as it once was.A new report by the Montana Department of Natural Resources indicates that grizzly bears are less of a threat in the state than they were in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the state faced […] →Read more

Why are people trading on bull trading?

The bull market that started in November 2014 and peaked in April 2018 has ended with a bang, sending investors rushing to get their hands on a piece of the market, and a little bit of the profits.Here are 10 ways you can trade on the bull market right now.1.Buy a share.There’s no shortage of […] →Read more

Belvedere Trading Cards: What to know about these card game cards

I know what it’s like to put down the cards, and I know how to use them, but I’m still learning.That’s why I’m bringing you this guide to help you learn how to make trading cards from the ground up. →Read more

When does your investment portfolio go bust?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has plunged more than 400 points after the US Federal Reserve’s announcement on Friday that it is raising interest rates for the first time in two decades.The market was on the edge of a historic collapse in early October and has since rallied and rebounded by more than 300 points.The […] →Read more

Is reddit trading your money?

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a technology that allows traders to place orders over a network of computers in order to profit from market moves.But it is also widely considered a scam by investors, with some saying it is a Ponzi scheme.This is because it relies on the idea that high-frequency traders are experts at predicting […] →Read more