How to avoid being trapped in a $2,500 whale hunt

Trading in whales is a relatively new business in New Zealand, and the market has exploded in recent years.But a recent investigation into whale hunting shows there are still some big loopholes that can mean people are out of luck if they’re caught in the act.And if you’re in New Zeland you might want to […] →Read more

When a trade can be bought, sold, and re-traded

Trading technology is changing the way we manage our money, and it’s being used in a number of ways that may be unexpected.But one thing that can be expected to change is the way trades are made.Trading technology has made it possible for millions of people to buy and sell stocks in ways that they […] →Read more

Trading Card Template: Paper trading card options

Trading Card template article Paper trading cards can be used to make trading cards for your business.You can also use them to create trading cards that have a certain number of cards.To create a trading card template click here.You need to be an accredited financial planner or trade finance professional to create a template.To get […] →Read more

Which team’s biggest free agent signee is the most underrated?

The Los Angeles Lakers have made a big splash with their trade for free-agent center Jordan Clarkson.But the Lakers also brought back some big names.Here’s a look at who the biggest free agents signed and why.1.Luke Walton, PF, Detroit Pistons2.Kevin Durant, PG, Oklahoma City Thunder3.Jamal Murray, SG, Memphis Grizzlies4.Brandon Knight, PF/C, Sacramento Kings5.Julius Randle, SG/SF, […] →Read more

How to trade in stocks on the big three trading platforms: What you need to know

A lot of people buy stocks and sell them on a lot of different websites, and they all have their pros and cons. It’s not uncommon to see people buying and selling stocks on a stock market trading platform, but it’s not always easy to get the right information for each individual stock. This post covers everything […] →Read more

How to make a better trading platform

The last thing I want to do is make an entirely new website that people can use.I think it’s a good idea to have something that’s built into your existing site that is easy to use.This could be a trading website, or it could be something else entirely.The trading platforms I’ve been building lately are […] →Read more

What do you do when you’re an Amazon customer?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is offering a free account for anyone who buys a new game or subscription to the online video streaming service.The deal is for those who purchase a $19.99 game and use the Amazon Prime subscription.The Wall St. Journal notes that the offer will be available for all Amazon […] →Read more

What’s a High Frequency Trading (HFT) trader’s stock to look for?

If you’re looking for a high frequency trader (HFTS) stock, look no further than the ticker symbol HFT.These types of trades are often performed by traders who are looking to buy a share at a relatively low price and sell it for a higher price at the end of the trade.HFTs have been around for […] →Read more

Nyse Trading stocks up more than 50 per cent on NMSI’s earnings report

Nyse is up more the same on NML’s earnings call today.The company announced a profit of $US7.7 million ($8.3 million) in the second quarter, which is up from a loss of $6.9 million a year earlier.The firm is also up on the day trading stock of the Australian Government.It reported that it was up $7.4 […] →Read more

Why is the stock market so low?

Why is our stock market down and why does it seem to be getting worse?I’m writing this in the wake of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s stunning plunge, which left the market below 18,000 points for the first time in its history. It’s an ominous sign for stocks. For the first two months of 2017, the Dow […] →Read more