Which teams have the best shot to make the playoffs this season?

The Philadelphia 76ers are a trendy candidate to make it into the playoffs for the first time since 2006-07.

But while they are still a very good team, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Here is a look at some of the best and worst teams to make their way into the postseason in 2017-18:1.

Washington WizardsThe Washington Wizards had their worst season in the league, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still in good shape.

The Wizards won their first eight games last season and were in the top 10 in wins in every category except for defensive efficiency.

They were also in the bottom five in field goal percentage, free throw percentage, field goal attempts, 3-point percentage, and 3-pointers made.

That could be the difference in making the playoffs in 2017, but the Washington Wizards are still in the hunt for the sixth seed.

Washington is still a good team in all aspects of the game, but their defense is one of the worst in the NBA.

They rank 21st in defensive efficiency and 25th in defensive win shares.

They also rank 23rd in offensive efficiency, 27th in field goals made, 27rd in 3-points made, 28th in free throws made, 29th in assists, and 30th in steals.

That isn’t good.

Washington will have to win more games to get into the playoff mix, but they are a team that has the talent to get there.

Washington has a lot to improve on, but this is still one of those teams that could make the postseason.

They just need to do it better than they did last season.2.

Minnesota TimberwolvesThe Minnesota Timberwolves are the third best team in the Eastern Conference, and they are also the most interesting team to watch in the Western Conference.

They have a lot going for them, and it’s hard to ignore that the Wolves are a solid team.

They won the first 10 games of the season and they finished in the middle of the pack in defensive rating.

They ranked 19th in offensive rating, 23rd on defense, and 25st on offense.

That is not good.

Minnesota needs to improve its defense.

It’s hard not to be concerned about the defense in this team, and that’s understandable.

But that is the problem.

They don’t have enough talent to compete in the East.3.

Golden State WarriorsThe Warriors are a very young team.

The only thing that can make them a top-five team in this conference is if they win more than 10 games.

That seems unlikely.

They finished with an 11-5 record and the best record in the conference, but there are several other teams that are better than them.

They have some very young players, like Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, and Shaun Livingston.

The Warriors have a young core that has a chance to win the NBA title.

The big question is whether they can get there with all the young talent.4.

Utah JazzThe Utah Jazz are a tough team to put into the conversation.

They had their best season since 2010-11 and were good enough to finish second in the West, but have struggled mightily over the past two seasons.

They are still young and still talented.

They need to find their groove.

If they can continue to improve their defense, they could make a run.5.

Los Angeles ClippersThe Los Angeles Lakers were the most improved team last season, but many believe they are not going to make any sort of a push to win a title this season.

Their talent level and efficiency was better than any other team in basketball, but if they continue to play like that they will be hard to beat.

The Clippers will have some help, but it will be a huge help if they can find their way in the playoffs.6.

Houston RocketsThe Houston Rockets have a very similar style of play to the New York Knicks, but also some different things.

They did not win the Eastern Division last season but they did make the finals, and had some very good defensive players around them.

The Rockets will need to improve the defense and the offense in order to get over the hump.7.

Atlanta HawksThe Atlanta Hawks have a similar style to the Los Angeles Kings.

They lost in the first round last season with a losing record and lost a lot in free agency.

The Hawks have some talent on their roster, but will need more consistency to make a jump into the top six.8.

Indiana PacersThe Indiana Pacers won a few titles in the last few years, but most of them came from having no chance to even make the top eight.

The Pacers are trying to find some balance with this team and they have some young players that could be a major boost.9.

Memphis GrizzliesThe Grizzlies are an interesting team.

It will be interesting to see if they get better this season or if the team will have a difficult time making the postseason this year.

They will likely be in the lottery if they make the lottery, but could be