The hottest stocks in 2019

The tech boom continues to dominate the headlines, and it’s only getting more crowded.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest stocks to watch over the next year.1.

Apple: Shares of Apple jumped 2.7% in 2018, fueled by the iPhone maker’s growth in China and the company’s decision to cut $1.6 billion from its 2017 fiscal year to reduce its tax bill.

Apple’s shares have been rising steadily since late 2015, and now stand at $96.94, up nearly 7% over last year’s closing price.

But there are plenty of reasons to be bullish on Apple.

The company is expanding its mobile network in China, where it has been dominating for years.

The iPhone maker has also been able to make significant revenue gains thanks to its massive cash hoard.

And, as we reported earlier this year, Apple has a strong valuation position in the stock.

And with the stock soaring so high, investors should expect more profits from Apple over the coming year.2.

Tesla: Shares in Tesla jumped more than 8% in late 2018, thanks to Tesla’s strong performance in the electric-car market.

Tesla’s shares are up more than 30% in the past year, thanks in part to strong sales of the Model 3, which is expected to go on sale this year.

Tesla shares have soared in recent months thanks to the company ramping up production of its electric-vehicle technology, and the latest increase will help it continue to climb.

Tesla has also become more profitable since it was acquired by a Chinese automaker in 2018.

The stock is up more in recent weeks thanks to increased sales of its Model X crossover SUV, which will be available in 2021.3.

Alphabet: Shares rose more than 2% in early 2018 thanks to Alphabet, which includes Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Alphabet’s stock has been soaring since the end of the Great Recession in 2009, and while it is still relatively volatile, it is beginning to make some inroads.

Alphabet stock rose more in 2018 than it did in all of 2017, thanks largely to its strong performance as a search engine.

The Alphabet shares have risen more than 60% in a year.4.

Amazon: Shares surged 3% in May 2018 thanks in large part to Amazon’s strong sales growth.

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, and its growth has been driven by the growth of online video sales, which have been strong for years, and strong growth in online purchases, which are growing.

Amazon shares are rising in 2018 thanks largely in part in part due to increased demand for Amazon’s e-books.

Amazon also is the fastest growing tech company in the US.

Amazon’s stock is down about 14% in 2017.5.

Facebook: Shares fell by more than 6% in March 2018 after Facebook disclosed a major privacy breach that exposed millions of users’ private data.

Facebook shares rose by nearly 5% in April 2018, as the company disclosed an increase in fraud activity after an employee leaked personal data about the company.

Facebook’s shares rose more from its July 2018 earnings report, which revealed the company had lost $2 billion due to data breaches, but fell back a bit in September.6.

Twitter: Shares plunged more than 3% during the first half of 2018, due in large large part because of the company shutting down its accounts on the social media platform.

Twitter shares are down almost 13% in recent years, thanks mostly to the slowing popularity of its services.

Twitter’s stock was down about 5% at the end (or shortly after) of 2017.7.

Facebook (FB): Shares fell nearly 6% during June 2018 after the social-media company announced it was shutting down the accounts of more than 100 million users.

Facebook is down around 20% in real-time, so it is unclear whether it will have any effect on the stock’s price in the coming months.8.

Tesla (TSLA): Shares plunged by more 1.5% during early 2018, because of a series of fires in a Tesla Model S sedan.

The fires prompted Tesla to delay its Model 3 release, which would have sent the car’s production ramping rate to a halt.

Tesla stock fell by about 2% to close at $71.74 in 2018 after Tesla released a statement saying it was “committed to delivering a Model 3 to customers as soon as possible.”

The company said it would pay $5.5 billion in fines to settle with the Federal Trade Commission.9.

LinkedIn (LNKD): Shares slid 3% after LinkedIn announced it would stop selling products that are designed to sell LinkedIn members’ information.

LinkedIn stock is in a tailspin.

It is down more than 10% in past 12 months thanks largely because of losses in its search engine business, which was one of LinkedIn’s biggest competitors.10.

Netflix (NFLX): Netflix stock slid 7% in February 2018 due to the release of “House of Cards,” a Netflix-produced Netflix show that has