What is the market value of Ripple?

Ripple, a digital currency that uses cryptography to make payments between people in the world’s most popular payment network, has a market cap of around $1.3 trillion.

But Ripple, which is now trading at around $800 per coin, has been under intense scrutiny since its IPO last month.

The company was founded in 2009 by two former Wall Street analysts, Joseph Lubin and Scott Fink, who are now part of the technology behind bitcoin.

The two were among the investors who lost money when the stock plummeted following the Bitcoin bubble burst in 2013.

In February, the company filed for bankruptcy protection and was ordered to pay $130 million to a former employee.

Lubin was subsequently fired, but the company has since recovered.

The new CEO of Ripple, David Marcus, told the Wall Street Journal last month that the company is doing well and that he plans to use Ripple as an alternative currency to buy Bitcoin.

While the price of Ripple is volatile, the firm is still valued at more than $100 billion.

So, how does Ripple compare to Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin has been rising steadily since last month, when the price peaked at $2,878 per coin.

At that time, Bitcoin’s market cap was $3.3 billion, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin was still the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in early 2018.

However, its price has dropped significantly in the past month, from around $6,000 to around $2.5.

Bitcoin has now fallen to around a third of its peak value in early June.

While bitcoin has a lower price-to-earnings ratio than Ripple, Ripple has a much higher ratio.

According to the research firm eXchange, Ripple is trading at a premium of 22% compared to bitcoin.

This means that if bitcoin were to drop to $1,600 per coin it would represent a profit of $1 billion.

Ripple is still a long-term play, but it may have a larger upside in the short-term.

The firm says that if the market price of bitcoin falls to $3,200 it would translate into a $2 billion gain.

However the stock’s trading volume is still below the $1 trillion mark.

Ripple also has a lot of other trading opportunities.

It can trade on the Ripple blockchain, which lets anyone exchange their Ripple tokens for dollars.

It also has trading pairs that allow people to trade against each other, and it has a cryptocurrency trading platform called Ripple Labs.

In short, Ripple may be the cryptocurrency of choice for those wanting to use the cryptocurrency as a way to send money around the world.