Why the Duluth Trading Card Company is doing this kind of thing

The Duluth trading card company is launching a series of card-style games called Trading Cards.

This new format will make trading cards more accessible to the public.

The games, called Trading Card Series, are being made with the support of the Duluther community.

The Duluther Community Development Corporation (DCDC) and Duluth-based trading card publisher Dominion Games are partnering on the games.

The trading card series will include cards that feature iconic characters from the Dulutas history.

Dominion Games says the cards will be available in December for a suggested retail price of $10.

The cards are made with cardstock, a soft, soft-touch plastic material, and the company says they will ship with protective covers and instructions for how to use them.

The cardstock is printed in a high-quality, high-performance printer.

Dominion says the series will be fun to play and will include new game modes that are designed to appeal to kids.

The company says it is working with the DulUTH community to make sure the cards are fun and easy to use.

Dominion has been creating trading card games for years.

In 2018, the company launched the first game in the series, called “Bucks and Sausages,” a card game with a twist.

The game featured a duck who was a bit of a brawler and a sausage who was kind of a bully.

The first edition of the game was sold out.

The next edition, in 2019, sold out within weeks.

“We realized there was so much demand for these cards that it wasn’t a question of whether we would be able to deliver on it,” said Jeff Pritchard, executive producer of the series.

Dominion also is launching two trading card game products: a trading card deck builder called Trading Deck Builder and a trading cards and cards accessories called Trading cards and Cardboard, which will feature trading card graphics and characters.

The new series of cards will not only be a fun way to play trading cards, but also will help Duluth residents find out about the Duluitans history.

“It will make people feel connected and part of the community,” said Pritcher.

The goal of the Trading Card series is to make trading card players more accessible and make them more engaging, said Pita Giannandaro, general manager of Duluth’s Department of Public and Community Services.

“The Duluth community is the largest trading card player in the United States,” she said.

“Duluth has always been a trading community.

It’s one of the largest markets in the country.”

The Dulutah Trading Card company is hoping to tap into this excitement by creating a new trading card product that will feature a fun, colorful and engaging game that will appeal to a younger audience.

“I think the Dulusians are going to be a big part of this,” said Giannoraro.

“They’re going to grow up and they’re going the other way.” 

The Dulutahs original trading card, called The Green Stamps, is still on display in Duluth and other Duluth communities.

The series is still being developed and will feature more than 100 cards that are based on a variety of historic Duluth cards.

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