Trades Journal’s CEO apologizes for tweet linking to bitcoin CEO Steve Lai is apologizing for a tweet that linked to a cryptocurrency trading journal on Tuesday.

In the tweet, Lai quoted a section of the trading journal’s white paper about bitcoin and the futures market, but did not link to the article.

The tweet, which Lai did not immediately respond to, drew widespread condemnation from investors and analysts.

“We apologize for the unintentional tweet.

This was an inadvertent mistake and we have since removed it,” Lai said in a statement to The Huffington.

“This was a mistake on our part and we regret it.”

Lai wrote in a follow-up tweet that the tweet was “not an intentional act,” and said he has since deleted it.

“It was an unfortunate error and we apologize for it,” he added.

“I’ve made my intentions clear that I am not a professional trader and this was never my intention.”