How to avoid being trapped in a $2,500 whale hunt

Trading in whales is a relatively new business in New Zealand, and the market has exploded in recent years.

But a recent investigation into whale hunting shows there are still some big loopholes that can mean people are out of luck if they’re caught in the act.

And if you’re in New Zeland you might want to think twice about trading in whale products.

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph reported that the government is planning to introduce new rules to crack down on the trade in whale meat.

The proposed regulations would also ban people from buying whale meat and using it in their cooking.

The Telegraph said the move could make the sale of whale products a crime in New South Wales.

Under the proposed regulations, the government will have to make a decision on whether it wants to continue to issue licences to people to buy whale products, or whether to impose new restrictions on the sale.

The Government’s Fisheries and Oceans Minister, David Parker, said the proposed new rules would go into effect “as soon as practicable”.

Mr Parker said he was aware of the article and the newspaper’s allegations but that there was no evidence of wrongdoing.

“We’ve been very clear in the past that we don’t tolerate poaching, we don.

That is our position, and we are determined to continue that,” he said.

In March, the Government introduced new rules on whale hunting.

It introduced the laws, which aim to protect endangered whales, to regulate the trade of whale meat, and to stop the practice of whale-tipping.

A Government spokesman said the new regulations were designed to prevent a new loophole in the rules.

“It will prohibit the sale and purchase of whale carcasses, whale-meat, whale bones and other marine products,” the spokesman said.

“Whale hunting is prohibited by law in New Guinea and New Zealand and this new legislation will prohibit its purchase and trade in New England and New South Australia.”

The Government has also said it is considering introducing laws to protect the health of whales in the Southern Ocean.

New Zealand is the only country in the world where whale meat is still being hunted, and has banned it since 2001.

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