Online trading Academy for investors needs to get serious

Business Insider / Getty Images – 3.5 stars, 1 star, 0 reviews online trading academy for investors Needs to make a big push to improve quality of content and focus on improving the platform and products that make it more engaging.

We’d also like to see a clearer definition of what constitutes a ‘forex trading’ product and whether it should be classified as a stock market investment.

We’ve already been frustrated with the current state of the site, which doesn’t make it clear whether trading is an investment or a financial product, and is very confusing when it comes to terminology.

We don’t like the idea of trading being classified as financial products, as it’s difficult to understand the difference.

It’s also hard to tell when a trading product is an online or stock market product, as there’s no way to differentiate between them.

We understand that the site needs some work before it becomes a success, but we’d also love to see the company make some changes to improve the experience and make it easier to navigate.