‘Sonic Boom’ trailer shows a big reveal

The latest trailer for “Sonic: Boom: The Video Game” has finally shown off a teaser for a “big reveal” for the game.

The trailer shows us a scene in the game, which has been described as “a big reveal” of the game in a tweet from the video game studio that’s working on the game for Sony and Microsoft.

In the scene, Sonic is seen flying in a plane, a large black box in the background.

The trailer then shows a man, who looks like a character from the film “Scooby-Doo” flying into the sky.

It then cuts to the same scene in which the character is seen holding up the box.

The new trailer shows Sonic’s flight path as well as the character flying out of the plane, and the two characters getting into the box, which the two fly away from.

The scene also shows a large ship being built in the distance.

In this scene, a black box is flying around Sonic.

The game is known for its sci-fi and dystopian settings.

This scene shows the black box and other elements that will be part of the gameplay.

The video game was released last month on November 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.