How to invest in bitcoin futures: CNBC

CNBC is launching a new digital currency trading service in which investors can trade digital currencies, the cryptocurrency futures market, and the futures contracts of other assets on the platform.

The new platform is called Crypto-Trading, and it’s the latest in a series of initiatives to help investors diversify their portfolios of assets, CNBC reported.

The service will allow investors to trade bitcoin, the digital currency traded on the Ethereum blockchain, and its digital counterpart, ether, for the first time.

It’s the first major digital currency investment platform to launch, with a $5 million funding round from Wall Street firm Greylock Partners, and several other investors including Baidu and Alibaba.

Crypto-Trader aims to offer investors a simple and convenient way to invest and trade digital assets, such as bitcoin, and their futures contracts, which are often traded on a futures market like Cboe Futures, CNBC said.

The platform will also allow investors who want to track their digital investments to manage their assets and trade them on a daily basis.

Investors who want a bit more detail on how the platform works will want to visit Crypto-Trade’s website.

Investing in bitcoin, which is traded on an exchange, can be done by either buying it or selling it, either by exchanging it for other digital assets or through buying or selling futures contracts.

Bitcoin futures contracts are traded on futures exchanges that allow investors buy and sell contracts in real time.

While cryptocurrency futures markets like CBOE Futures are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, there are plenty of ways for people to trade cryptocurrencies for their money.

For example, bitcoin is a popular investment option for investors who are seeking to diversify investments by diversifying their portfolio.

Bitcoin is also a popular choice for individuals looking to invest more than a few thousand dollars, but it’s been under pressure from investors to cut back on the amount of money they invest, and there’s a growing amount of data that suggests the cryptocurrency could lose value if it does.