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  • How to Trade Karma in a Trading Game

    The term “trading karma” comes from the trading game, in which you trade Karma.If you trade karma, you can buy or sell products or services for cash or other rewards.The goal of the game is to win as much as possible in a short period of time, and you’ll get paid for doing so.There are […]

  • A ‘shocker’ in New York city’s stock market: A stock-market ‘shaker’

    The stock market is a “shocker” in New Yorkers’ lives, according to a local trading card manufacturer.“It’s been a real shock,” said David J. Purdy, a card-maker who has built a reputation as one of the city’s best.“This is something that could have been fixed for a lot of years, so I’m really surprised by […]

  • What happens when you’re in a free stock market?

    It was just another afternoon in a warehouse in the small village of Atherton, just outside Manchester, and on this day a couple of guys were making a trade. As the sun set over the village, a pair of black-and-white bulldogs appeared out of the darkness. A short while later the sound of a helicopter could be […]

  • How to get a free day trading account at Roobood Stock Market

    Trading stocks can be a great way to earn money and make new friends.If you’re just starting out and looking for a way to make money without having to go through a broker, the roobood stock market app may be right up your alley.Roobudough is the only trading platform that lets you trade stocks and […]

  • How to buy Earthbound trading books

    Buy Earthbound Trading books online!This guide will show you how to buy all the trading books for Earthbound and how to track the value of the books.The goal of this guide is to help you learn how to trade in your favorite game, while giving you the tools to easily follow the trades made by […]

  • What are the cryptocurrencies?

    Trading in cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed in recent years and it is now valued at more than $400bn.The biggest is bitcoin, which has become a global phenomenon, with more than a billion transactions each day.Bitcoin has a huge network and users around the world are spending their money in a way that is not possible in […]

  • Chicago trading company suspends Chicago trading after reports of abuse

    The Chicago Trading Company is suspending trading of its stock on the Chicago Board Options Exchange after a whistleblower posted videos of its employees abusing workers.The company said in a statement Wednesday that it’s working with federal law enforcement to determine the facts surrounding the alleged abuse and that the company will provide additional details […]

  • What you need to know about high frequency traders

    As the stock market begins to recover from its wildest rally, the industry is grappling with the fallout from a scandal involving its top traders.The SEC has launched an investigation into a trader named Peter Schiff, who is accused of buying and selling shares that were being bought and sold in the hopes of making […]

  • How to use bitcoin and altcoins to invest in the future

    The world is facing an opportunity to move beyond dollars and euros and to take advantage of crypto currencies, experts say.The potential is immense, and many are investing their hard-earned money into it.But how do you buy and hold a crypto-currency without a bank account?Here are the steps you need to take to get started, […]

  • How to trade in stocks that are volatile, but are cheap to buy

    Trading stocks that have high volatility is very hard to do well and can lead to a lot of money lost.You can do it, however, by using a simple formula that shows you where the market is going.It’s easy to understand, easy to implement and cheap to execute.Here’s how to do it.1.Understand the market in […]


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